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Delfino Attakai Layer Lunch Box ~ 1000ml

RM 99.00

✅Creative Rubik’s Cube Insulation Stacking Box

✅Divided into compartments, more hygienic, no leakage, no smell

✅Creative unique design, elegant and generous, high-end and dazzling style

✅Durable, and high quality

✅Stacking idea make it interesting while carrying/ using

✅Convenient for storage without occupying much space

✅Love at first sight upon receiving

✅Exclusive Japanese trademark

✅Its Rubik's cube toy rotation, breaking the general concept of traditional lunch boxes and storage boxes

✅Vacuum heat preservation technology, heat preservation can be up to 4-6 hours

✅The sense of happiness has been improved from now on, no longer bear the cold food

✅Material: inner 304 stainless steel, outer food grade PP material, more secure when eating out

✅ Strong anti-corrosion

✅Suitable for work, school, hospital, body building, make-up lessons and tuition

✅ Comes with a carrying handle, which is small and light to accommodate different ingredients

✅It can also be used to store candies, chocolates, fruits, nuts and beans during Chinese New Year and seasonal festivals

✅Warm Food, creates good mood

✅Capacity: 1000ML

- Colour: Pure white, baby green, baby pink

- Material: PP, woden top, 304 stainless steel triple layer

- Pattern: Plain