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How to check your current Member Tier and points?

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DELFINO Royal Club Terms and Conditions

1. Once you make order in Delfino Official Store, you will get Silver Member Tier.

2. Spend RM 1 to get 1 point.

3. Use your points to redeem your ideal items or CashBack Voucher.

4. You need to Scan the QR Code into OneWayLoyalty to check your points or redeem Vouchers/Items.

5. You need to spend RM388 & above to achieve Gold Member Tier.

6. You need to spend RM888 & above to achieve Platinum Member Tier.

7. You need to spend RM1888 & above to achieve Royal Member Tier.

8. You will receive a Welcome Kit once you become our member.

9. In Silver & Gold Member Tier, the points multiple by ✖1.0

10. In Platinum Member Tier, the points multiple by ✖2.0

11. In Royal Member Tier, the points multiple by ✖3.0

12. Every Tier will maintain only 12 months once you achieve the level, after one year of your achieve date, it will automatically update again depends on your current points.

13. Some voucher may have limited period, you cannot use again once it has expired.

14. Please make sure your phone number is the same as the day your first-day shopping, all your Tier and points is based on the same phone number.

DELFINO keeps the right for correcting and terminate the project without additional notification.