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Non Stick Surface BBQ Grill Mat

RM 35.00


Our Non-Stick BBQ Grill Mat is thin enough to leave grill marks and flavors intact, yet thick enough to provide ultimate heat resistance and durability. They can also double as bake mats so you never have to clean the grill ever again!

βœ…  Brand new and high quality.
βœ…  100% Non- stick
βœ…  Repeat reusable usage
βœ…  Multipurpose: It works with any kind of barbecue grill
βœ…  Air fryer, Steamboat BBQ, Weber, Charbroil, charcoal, propane, gas, or electric. Better than any grill pan or basket, our mat can be cut to any size or shape to fit any need. Also doubles as a bake mat.
βœ…  Heat Resistant up to 800 DEGREES (Peak Temperature)
βœ…  No more ruined dinners and clean-up is a breeze!
βœ…  Brings a ton of new possibilities on your BBQ (prepare eggs, pancakes, cheese, even pizza).
βœ…  Easy to store mats flat or rolled up
βœ…  Hand washable and dishwasher safe, easy to clean, reusable
βœ…  Can also be used in charcoal, gas and electric ovens, grilling made easy
βœ…  PFOA Free, PTFE-Fiberglass coating , safe up to 500F, FDA approved
βœ…  Preparing veggies or seafood becomes easier than ever.
βœ…  No flare-ups means safer barbecuing and less burned food.
βœ…  Dishwasher safe

Package IncludesπŸ“¦:
2x Grill Mat

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