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Delfino Air Purifier

RM 399.00


Breathe in nature, enjoy the fresh air. A MUST HAVE in the year 2022, with lots of germs arouse surrounding us. 5x Strong Ionizer ability to purify the air and neutralize bacteria and harmful air pollutants instantly. Air Channel Technology allows air to be ventilated and circulated rapidly thus bringing fresher air to the room with CADR rated at 400. Ergonomic designs that are safe for children and babies. Turbines are fully covered with round edge children safe grade material.


✅  Effectively removes up to 99% of germs, hair, dust, mites, etc.
✅  HEPA and active carbon filter which effectively removes PM 2.5 dust, bacteria, smoke, and pollen.
✅  360º smart sensor technology enables fast purification
✅  Ideal for larger spaces
✅  Smart Indicator
✅  Perfect for: People with asthma and respiratory diseases, people with pets, mums and babies, environment with bad air quality and surrounding with diseases.
✅  WARRANTY:24 Months