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Delfino Car Inflator

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It’s always best to prepare for the worst. You will never know when you’re gonna have to deal with a flat or punctured tire. You may also exposed to danger situation where you can't get any assistant. So, why not just keep a portable tire inflator in your car, just in case. Delfino Car Inflator is mini and compact, as well as portable for convenient to carry around.

βœ…Built-In battery: It gives you the freedom of taking your air compressor anywhere without worrying about finding an external power supply.
βœ…USB rechargeable - It supports home and car charging, such as basketball etc.
βœ…Preset tire pressure, automatic digital display, automatic inflation stop.
βœ…Suspension motor design, double noise reduction, 60s fast replenishing gas & stable pad.
βœ…Night vision pressure measurement & blu- ray display
βœ…Convenient pressure measurement of supplementary gas
βœ…All metal cylinder, strong and good heat dissipation, makes inflating process faster and stable
βœ…Mini, compact, just like a mini tab size

How To Use
1. Boot and insert the inflatable tube
2. Set the tire pressure & short press the set button
3. Inflator pump inflation
4. Pull the tire first & then pull the air pump tube

Settings: Long press the "Settings" button to switch unit Short press the "Settings" button to start the air pump
Stress Reliever: Reduce Tire Pressure
Pressurization: Increase Tire Pressure

Power: 100W
Voltage: DC12V
Input: DC5V/3A (max)
Flow Rate: 25L/Min
Load Time: 15-20min
Battery mAh- 3 x 2000 mAh
Warranty Period: 12month + After Sale Service

❀️ Kindly inform us if there is any damages of the products upon receiving it within 3 days (free postage). After 3 days, the product will be voided for any damages claim. πŸ₯°