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Delfino Dr. Nutrimix

RM 399.00


An intelligent high speed nutrition processor blender. Technology of smart low sound and budget friendly makes it a great choice among the rest, the motor and the glass are connected together, and the coaxial transmission motor reduces the gear teeth movement, improves the power, and reduces the noise. Multifunctional and you get to prepare all sorts of hot and cold food or drinks anytime you want.

✅ The fineness of grinding is great, the nutrition is more fully released, and the sound is reduced by 30%.
✅ High appearance, light and thin, light sound, thick glass wall
✅ High speed: 32000 rpm pure copper motor
✅ Upgraded steaming function
✅ The base is light, does not occupy space, is easy to store, and easy to clean
✅ Intelligent touch display panel, touch sensitive, clear screen, upgraded 12 major functions
✅ It can be used for hot drinks, fruit juice, supplementary food, flour milling, etc.
✅ 1200W heating power, high heat heating and tumbling, the food is fully boiled and taste great
✅ 24-hour smart preset appointment function
✅ Triple safety system: intelligent safety unlocking, magnetic control switch (if the lid is not tightly closed, the machine If and the cup will not function if it is lifted,
✅  In the situation if the motor is overheated, the machine shall stop working
✅ The 8 pages of stainless steel blades can be sharpened more thoroughly.
✅ Upgraded low pressure anti-overflow valve
✅ Anti-scalding handle
✅ Thick glass wall which is heat-resistant and cold-resistant
✅ Comes with exquisite recipes, measuring cups, and brushes
✅ Noise reduction
✅ 1200W Powerful watts
✅ Borosilicate glass jar
✅ Triple safety system

 Warranty: 1 year