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Delfino IH Deshuga

RM 388.00


Delfino IH DeShuga is a multi-purpose premium rice cooker with a low sugar function, using a designed unique IH electromagnetic technology to separate out the carbohydrates. Suitable for diabetics and weight loss purpose. With this handy kitchen aid, you will get perfect results with all types of rice. Its 19 modes allows quickly create healthy and tasty meals from other ingredients, which enables you to prepare legumes, soup or even oatmeal without turning on the stove. It perfectly meet your needs for your family.

✅Equipped with about 316 filter holes which makes it easy to separate rice from the water or soup. Combined with the siphon principle, the excess starch is dissolved into the rice soup repeatedly. The steamed rice has a low sugar content and is fluffy.

✅Reduce 35% of digestive starch (reducing sugar) *in rice which is easily to be absorbed

✅Increase 58% of resistant starch *in rice which is difficult to be absorbed.

✅Multi- functions which meet your family needs. It comes with 19 built-in functions for various recipes eg. cakes, porridge, claypot rice, soup, vege, stew meat, steam, reheat, double boil soup etc.

✅Non stick material and easy to clean.

✅Easy to operate. Intelligent temperature control, which comes with touch pad, LED digital display and 24 hours pre setting, where you can track the cooking progress.

✅Voice prompt and automatically keep warm up to several hours

✅Burn dry and overheating protection

Bincho Charcoal Thick Pot: 3mm Thick & 7 Layers.
Model: IH-7978
Weight: 3.83kg
Voltage: 220-240v
Power: 1100w
Plug: BS Europe plug
Capacity: 3L
White rice: 5 cups
Healthy rice: 2 cups
Brown rice: 5 cups

Warranty : 1 Year