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Delfino Kanpeki

RM 268.00


It is a Smart Negative Ion Vacuum Preservations Food Storage Box. It keeps your food under high pressure environment that prevents the growth of bacteria. It also keep your foods healthy and clean, maintain the constant flavour every bite.

✅ Fully Automatic Vacuum technology
✅ 1 key pumping and deflating
✅ Reduced oxygen content, extended food preservation
✅ Highly sealed, moisture proof and sterilized
✅ Can be used for full storage of puffed snacks, the taste is crisp and crisp
✅ Compress the preparation time of the dishes, and the kimchi cured meat can be used to replace the taste while keeping fresh
✅ It can also be used to store your pet food
✅ Seal Preservation
✅ Vacuum Fresh
✅ Automatic Pressure
✅ Magnetic Charging Cable