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Delfino Kiru Double Sided Antibacterial Antimold Cutting Board

RM 99.00

✅ Multi-purpose, the kneading surface is not sticky, and it is easy to clean. 

✅ Non-stick flour, saving time in kneading and baking process 

✅ The process of baking and cutting is more accurate in size 

✅ Double-sided, can be divided into raw and cooked ingredients for cutting meat, vege and fruits 

✅ Eliminate odor and cross-contamination to ensure fresher ingredients 

✅ It adopts the polishing and wire drawing technology of all-steel integral casting, which maintains the true color of the stainless steel substrate. 

✅ Solid double-sided die-casting, one-piece pressing, less messy and more neat and clean 

✅ Thickened and resistant to cutting and cutting without hurting the knife Multi-layer design 

✅ Solid and durable 

✅ Has good corrosion resistance and heat resistance 

✅ No mold, no rust, no blackening. Antibacterial function meets your hygiene requirements 

✅ It is not easy to leave food residues, and it is not easy to produce peculiar smell. 

✅ The 304 stainless steel surface effectively removes the smell of garlic/fish/shrimp, and solves the usual pain points of many people 

✅ Easy to clean and save time and effort in the kitchen 

✅ Hygiene and healthy to use. 

✅ Material: 304 stainless steel + TEP environmental protection glue + PP chopped bone surface 

✅ Huge, solid and creative stylish with Delfino brand story 

✅ High end and exquisite 

✅ Rubik's cube surface design (not easy to leave kitchen knife scratches + non-slip) 

✅ Anti-spill, no more juice leakage, the countertop can be kept clean 

✅ After countless tests, the optimal effect has been achieved in terms of shape, thickness, function, etc. 

✅ Estimated can be used up to 10 years 

✅ Adds foundation for new era, new concept kitchen idea. 

- Colour: Sea blue, Silver

- Material: 304 stainless steel

- Pattern: Delfino Brand Story