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Delfino Mini Zenno - 2L

RM 118.00

✅ A beautiful modern kitchen should HAVE! It meets all our cooking purpose such as fry, boil, deep fry, simmer, stew, heat up, double boiled, cook rice, steam, small hot pot, lukluk etc. 

✅ Separate socket  

✅ The wiring design behind the handle makes cooking safer, easy to wash and avoid water from getting in. 

✅ Insulated, and lengthened handle is more handy, safer to use. 

✅ See-through tempered glass cover, makes the cooking process is clearly visible  

✅ Fast heating technology makes cooking more fast, save time and convenient  

✅ Save electricity  

✅ In line with safe food standards, and quality inspection  

✅ Non stick and easy to clean. 

✅ Deep 13cm, Length 36cm 

✅ Capacity: 2L, weight 1.2kg 

✅ Power: 600w 

✅ Material: Ceramic glaze, PP, 400 series