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Delfino Nabe Frying Pan 28cm

RM 188.00


There are 5️ different POTS to fulfill your various cooking needs, such as stir-fry, soup, stew, and steak! It's really exciting! 💕  Excellent Quality and durable.  Great as an elegant dining decoration.

✅  Your kitchen immediately get brighten up and have a festive feel.
✅  Dress up the color of your kitchen
✅  has the means of "the LV of the kitchen".
✅  Handmade, hardness and durability can resist almost any damage
✅  Non-stick pan technology
✅  Heat resistant handle
✅  Prevent overflow steam air hole, pot cover is heavy, soup is not easy to overflow collision
✅  All-in-one die-casting
✅  Heating fast
✅  Heat preservation
✅  Can be used in the oven, for bake cakes, bake paella
✅  Durable and anti-rust
✅  Constant temperature heat storage, lock the nutritions
✅  Easy to use, stew flavor.
✅  Cast aluminium material. It can be on the fire, into the oven, but also can be used in the induction cooker and electric pottery stove.
✅  Try to use a silicone/ wooden spatula while using it.

Delfino Nabe Frying Pan 28cm
- Width-28cm, depth-5.5cm
- Weight 1.2KG
- Mainly frying steak, omelette, fish, a really flat pan, the oil will not run everywhere. Coupled with excellent thermal conductivity and non-stick properties, cooking can be achieved with less oil. Some dishes that need to be harvested after being fried and then simmered can be easily done by adding a little water and capping. Uncovering is a glorious moment.