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Ezymaid Laundry Fragrance Beads (240g)

RM 29.00

✅ Eco-friendly
✅ Non-toxic
✅ Nanotechnology
✅ Safe for children and babies, pregnant women, and even sensitive skin users.
✅ Organic, even can use for car washes, floor and windows mopping, hand washes etc.
✅ Suitable for both hand washing and machine washing
✅ Easy to store and convenient for travelling
✅ Natural long-lasting soothing scent
✅ More efficient and easier to use
✅ Able to penetrate into clothes fiber more efficiently. It can dissolve into the water completely, with no residues. Completely environmentally friendly, safe for children, babies, and even sensitive skin users.
It is free of phosphorus, benzene, fluorescent, and nontoxic.

Laundry Beads Choosable:
a) Kirei
b) Shai
c) Nyuwa