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Ezymaid Maruchi (Multifunction Extendable Cleaning Brush)

RM 38.00

Multi-function: It can be used as a floor brush or an outside push broom. Wet and dry techniques were used. Scrub brush with long handle is ideal for cleaning hard floors, tiles, bathtubs, swimming pools, kitchens, and carpets, as well as balcony decks, patios, garages, sidewalks, stadiums, and any outdoor events.

✅Scrub Brush 2 IN 1: This 2-in-1 Ezymaid Maruchi, combines a rubber squeegee, firm bristles, strong cleaning capacity, and Brush Plus scraping steps to quickly remove stains, tough filth, dirty water, and dust, enhancing your cleaning efficiency. For cleaning the carpet brush floor, use a scrub brush with strong bristles and a rubber squeegee to remove any remaining water stains.

✅Long Handle Scrub Brush: The entire length of the grout brush from 51 to 124cm, long enough to sweep without having to bend or kneel on. It is simple to assembly, to take off and put back on. You can clean a variety of space, including those that are difficult and too high to reach.

✅Sturdy, Durable & Easy to Maintain: The Ezymaid Maruchi has six rows of high-quality PVC stiff bristles and a stainless-steel handle, making it both high-quality and long-lasting. Floor scrub brush with long handle stiff bristle brush also has a built-in hole in the handle for simple hanging on a hook, and the bristles can maintain their shape for a long-lasting cleaning effect.

✅Ergonomics Design: Ezymaid Maruchi features a long handle that can be extendable, and due to this ergonomic design, it effectively relieves back and knee pain caused by daily housekeeping.