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Ezymaid Sentakki Mini Hygiene Washer - 2L

RM 12.00


A 2022 must-have separable mini washing machine. In a high demand due to people nowadays need more hygiene conscious, implement towards the antibacterial concept, and the bucket type is more hygienic and antibacterial.

Multi usage:
1. wash a small amount of laundry
2. wash underwear
3. wash physiological pants
4. wash baby clothes
5. Decontamination and antibacterial because you divide it into buckets
6. wash shoes
7. wash doll wash toys
8. washcloth eg table towel
9. scrubbing cloth

Suitable if you are worried of....
- Cross-contamination of washing adults and babies clothing together
- Hand-washing is tiring for frequent changes of children clothing
- Tired of hand-washing own underwear and socks
- Small hostel living space to accommodate big washing machine

✅100% Brand New
✅High Quality
✅Colorful Buckets to interchange
✅Detachable from the turbine
✅Separate wash for babies and adult clothing to prevent cross-cross-contamination contamination
✅With 15 mins timer
✅Clean & Hygiene
✅ Environment-friendly materials
✅Save space
✅Electricity & Water Saving
✅Deep cleansing
✅Fast & clean & steady yet stable washing with fine motor power

Bucket Material: Plastic
Power: 240W
Rated Voltage: 220V-50H
Capacity: 1.8kg
Water Volume: 11.50
Package Size: 31cm X 31cm X 57cm
Colour: Pearl White, golden details
Material: ABS, stainless steel heating tube