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Tsumori Alessia Sport Top (Comfort Net design)

RM 68.00

Why is Tsumori Alessia top is unique?

Meet all wearing purpose such as gym, yoga, exercise, cycling, dancing, jogging, ballet, casual with pair of jean, formal with jacket etc

The pursuit of fashion trends is to show personal charm and taste. Tsumori's Alessia high attention to fashion allows you to reflect your own taste of lifestyle

✅Tsumori Alessia Series, be it top or pant allows you to be creative and versatile in your daily fashion matching. A 360-day different way of wearing promises a great experience for you!

✅100% breathable, quick to dry, comfortable and very soft and cool material create good mood during exercise, and the fabric is so easy to wash and dry.

✅Tsumori Alessia Sport Top makes your neck look longer and Tsumori Bottom makes your legs and hips look longer.

✅Helps to enhance ‘S’ body shape

✅Very versatile and the most popular fashion trend

✅It’s cooling material keeps our body cool in normal wear, but absorb sweat well while gym or yoga exercise.

✅Top 10 Best selling design in Asia country in summer

✅A better wearing and sports experience

✅ No static electricity, and high elastic