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Tsumori Karusu Callus Remover

RM 88.00

✅ Tsumori Karusu is an electrical callus remover with a built-in vacuum system, it is also a wireless portable electric foot sharpener.

✅ It has a rotating grinding disk that removes calluses and dry skin from the feet very quickly, effectively and safely.

✅ The vacuum system in the head of the device, high speed centrifugal rotating vacuuming, has a replaceable filter that effectively vacuums up all loose dead skin flakes for a hygienic treatment. This prevents your floor from getting dirty and skin flakes from flying around in the air. You can also enjoy wonderfully soft feet just within seconds!

✅ Say goodbye to your dead skin and hard calluses on your feet with Up to 1,800 rotations per minute Karusu advanced system.

✅ This callus remover has 3 speed settings, low, mid and high. With up to 1,600 rotations per minute in the low-speed setting, 1,700 rotations per minute in the mid-speed and up to 1,800 rotations in the high-speed setting, Tsumori Karusu ensures your feet are always soft and smooth.

✅ Tsumori Karusu comes with 3 grinding discs and 1 filters. The grinding disks make the skin soft and smooth. Just attach one of the grinding disks to the device and let the device work its magic. You can choose between Fine, Medium and Coarse. The filter captures the dead skin flakes. You can wash and replace this filter periodically. New filters and grinding disks are available separately via Delfino Official Store.