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Tsumori V-Hifu

RM 160.00


Tsumori V-Hifu will produce EMS micro current lifting and firming. Suitable for families, travellers, laborers, business trips, students, staying up late, etc.

help to accelerate metabolism
✅ renew skin cells
✅ relieve melanin and firm wrinkles
✅ helping restore elasticity and make your skin firm, smooth and delicate.

Red light heat temperature:
✅ use as makeup remover
✅ makes skin elastic,
✅ improves skin sagging
✅ enhance circulation to the skin
✅ Improve skin and skin cells

Blue Light Cold temperature:
✅ Ideal for acne removal
✅ disinfect the skin, anti-allergy
✅ Effectively remove dark circles and bags under the eyes
✅ Vine plants, lock in life
✅ Lifting tightly entangled, drooping
✅ Double up the absorption of nutrients

Color: Pearl white
1 year warranty + after-sales service